I'm a full-stack Web Developer in Chicago, IL.

I spent the first professional decade of my life running video cameras, switchers, audio mixers, and editing; development is my second career. I came to it after moving to Chicago in pursuit of a master's in computer graphics at DePaul (my bachelor's is from Carolina). To my surprise, the curriculum focused more on programming than modeling. I took the skills I learned and started freelancing. That was about 10 years ago. I’ve been developing ever since.

For the last four years I’ve held a full-time position as Software Developer with the Radiological Society of North America. I spend most of my days working in JavaScript and PHP. Web development continues to evolve at an amazing pace, and I’ve found blogging to be the best way to express myself. I like to learn, and that’s all you do in this industry, so it works for me.

In general, I prefer full-stack development. I find the breadth of knowledge and experience required makes freelancing much easier. I can develop API’s, build front-end features, and/or integrate third party platforms into existing apps. I find that rewarding.


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